A message from the president

President Obama just sent us this letter to introduce our Young Person’s Guide to Health Insurance.

Many provisions of the new health care law are going into effect on September 23rd, including the option to stay on your parents’ health insurance until you are 26.

You can read all about the new law and its provisions in our Young Person’s Guide to Health Insurance.

Some improvements that go into effect on the 23rd won’t just benefit young adults:

  • It will be illegal for insurers to drop any paying customer when they get sick because of an error on an insurance form;
  • No child under 19 can be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. In 2014, pre-existing condition denials will be banned for everyone; and
  • It eliminates copays and deductibles for proven preventive care in new plans, which means that fewer people will end up using the ER as their primary doctor, which is driving up costs for the rest of us.

These are real benefits for young people and I want to make sure people hear about them. Please help spread the word by sharing the guide with your friends and family.