Cheers to 2011!


Cheers!Thanks to the work of thousands of students across the country, 2011 has been quite a success.


Check out some of our highlights from the year:


  • Reducing the burden of student loan debt by capping students’ monthly loan payments and stopping aggressive cuts to Pell grants, the federal financial aid program that serves more than 9 million students.
  • Raising $60,000 for food banks, shelters and famine relief efforts.
  • Traveling to 40 campuses across the country for the Textbook Rebellion Tour to raise awareness about the high cost of textbooks and affordable solutions. We collected 10,000 petition signatures and were featured in 100 news stories.
  • Building more energy efficient communities by educating 13,000 elementary and college students about energy efficiency and conducting 3,000 home energy surveys to help homeowners save energy and money.
  • Teaming up with the cast of Mad Men to make a Funny or Die video supporting High Speed Rail.
  • Hosting the National Resolve to Fight Poverty Conference at the University of Maryland, training students how to fight poverty in their communities and around the world.
  • Building grassroots support for local and statewide sustainability measures like banning plastic bags and expanding recycling programs.


There’s still a lot to be done, so we’re excited about next year.


By working together and funding Student PIRG chapters across the country, we’ve been able to bring about some great results.