NMSU students register to make their voice heard

These students are with New Mexico PIRG and they’ve been on campus for weeks, the registration process takes up to two minutes. All students have to do is fill out a form, NM PIRG takes the forms to the county clerk and they’re all set for election day.

NM PIRG President, I. Morales says this election is especially important for students.

“We really want to make sure that students voice is heard, and that student interests like keeping interest rates down on loans down, making sure there’s financial aid available and keeping costs of textbooks down,” says Morales.

Even then, it’s still hard to get students registered. So putting on a robot costume is an attention getter.

NM Pirg has been very successful in registering students to vote. Just a couple of weeks ago, they had the highest number of registered voters in the country for their organization. People here all have a variety of reasons for casting their vote.

“The new law that Obama made for Medicaid, I lost my Medicaid last year when I turned 19 and with his new law it’s helping me getting Medicaid back,” says NMSU student Denise Garcia.

“Who are you going to vote for?”

NMSU student Jacqueline Garcia says “Romney.”

Four years ago saw the biggest youth voter turnout since 1960.This year, despite the efforts of organized groups like PIRG, turnout is expected to drop.