I’m excited to report that the Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project has helped more than 100,000 students register to vote.

Almost 2,000 volunteers hit the field to run voter mobilization campaigns that reached students in their classes, dorms, libraries and high-traffic areas on almost 100 campuses in 17 states including California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and Texas.
With just a week left until Election Day, we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished so far: 

  • For the National Day of Voter Registration, hundreds of Student PIRGs’ New Voters Project volunteers helped to register almost 4,500 students.
  • Students at North Carolina Central University kicked off their Early Voting campaign with a hipster-themed “I Voted Before It Was Cool” events. Over a dozen volunteers handed out paper mustaches that say “I voted!” while having students sign pledge to vote cards and take pictures as they walked out of the polling location. 
  • More than 40,000 students downloaded a voter registration form at StudentVote.org, our online tool powered by Rock the Vote. At UC Berkeley and Texas State University, an all campus email helped to register over 1,000 students at each campus.

We are moving full speed ahead to launch our Get-Out-The-Vote program with a goal of making over 330,000 personal, peer-to-peer contacts by phone, in person and through text messages. In a short amount of time we’ve already collected over 30,000 “pledge to vote” cards by students and launched early voting campaigns in several states.