Temple Launches Effort To Get Students To Vote

(credit: John McDevitt)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An effort was underway on Tuesday on Temple University’s campus to get students to the voting booth.

Many college students say there is a lack of enthusiasm for this presidential election because the candidates are not addressing issues that are important to them, like college affordability, grants and loans.

Asha Davis, a senior at Temple and a member of Pennsylvania State Public Interest Research Group (PennPIRG), was trying to energize younger citizens on the importance of voting.

“I have heard a lot of people say well they don’t care about us any way,” Davis says, “and I’m like well, the healthcare bill, and any job policies that come out, the economy changes, all of those things do effect you.”

Members of PennPIRG were making sure students knew where to cast their ballots and were looking up the locations for those who didn’t know.