WISPIRG launches health care guide targeting students

The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group released its student guide for understanding health insurance options under the Affordable Care Act at a press conference Thursday.

After a major provision of the Affordable Care Act, the Health Insurance Marketplace, opened Oct. 1, WISPIRG launched a statewide education campaign to reach out to students with facts about the changes, as well as tips to help find the right coverage.

The new guide is called “So You Need Health Insurance. Now What?: Wisconsin Health Insurance 101.”

Health care campaign coordinator Tyler Bush said now the main parts of the Affordable Care Act have gone into effect, many students are not sure what to do next.

“We’re not trying to push to do anything, we’re just trying to help educate,” Bush said.

University Health Services director of administrative services Arnold Jennerman said one of the main reasons students do not complete college is because of the bills associated with health issues. He also encouraged students be provided information to make the very personal decision about which health plan to choose.

Bush also discussed eight tips for students considering health insurance plans at the meeting.

Some of the tips included looking into ongoing options such as staying on a parents’ insurance plan until age 26, checking out new options at the Health Insurance Marketplace online at Healthcare.gov and finding out about financial help that is available when one applies at the Health Insurance Marketplace.

WISPIRG’s campus organizer Gayle Schwartzberg also said it hopes to set up a panel with health care professionals to speak on campus and answer any student questions.