WISPIRG Launches Health Care Information Campaign On UW Campuses

UW-Madison sophomore Miranda Curry is covered by her parents’ health insurance. Even though she doesn’t need to get new coverage, she says young people need to be educated about the Affordable Care Act. Curry says a new education campaign led by The Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRT) may help with that.

“I think it would benefit if they did come and inform people because I don’t know how many people actually know what it’s all about,” says Curry.

The campaign kicked off last week. Freshman Tyler Bush is the health care campaign coordinator at UW-Madison. He says the purpose of this is to inform students about their options and clear up misconceptions. That way, they can decide what’s best for them and what they can afford.

“I just want to help clear up what it really is to students and give them the tools to learn more about their options and how they can get health insurance so they can take of themselves,” says Bush.

Bush says outreach includes handing out flyers with a link to WISPIRG’s health insurance guide.

WISPIRG director Bruce Speight says the guide focuses on what’s most important to young people with regards to the newly launched health insurance exchange. “We want to make sure students understand what some of those new options are, and help them make good decisions going forward.”

Spate says the person-to-person outreach will occur primarily on UW campuses; however, through other methods like social media, they’ll also be reaching out to private and technical college students.