Open Textbook AllianceIt’s time for your student government to make its support for open textbooks official.

Colleges are saving students millions of dollars by using open textbooks in a relatively small number of classes. Now it’s time to make open textbooks the norm on campus.

We’re making a nationwide call to action, asking student governments to pass resolutions in support of expanding the use of open textbooks.

We’ll be using these resolutions to build support for open textbook programs at every level. They will show the student support for open books as we talk to school administrators, statewide university officials, legislators, publishers, and more.

Add your student government’s voice to this movement. Pass a resolution this month in support of open textbooks.

Here’s a sample resolution that you can use as a starting point.

And if you’ve already passed a resolution in support of open textbooks, please email us a copy so that we can add your voice to our effort.