From passing local policies to federal grant programs, students have been central to promoting open textbooks and textbook affordability- as they should be! Whether your goal is to create price transparency on textbook costs or protecting student consumers on your campus, these resources can help you get started. 

Open Textbooks

Ready to start taking action to bring free open textbooks and open educational resources to your campus? Students have always played a key role in promoting the adoption of open materials and winning policies that help faculty make the switch to open.

Automatic Billing

Students should have a say in how they purchase their textbooks and course materials. From lawsuits to testifying before statehouses, students are standing up to say no to automatic textbook billing. Here are some resources to get you started.

Price Transparency

Course material costs can be significant. Students need this information before they register for classes in order to financially plan for their term. Student leaders have played key roles in advocating for textbook price transparency in campuses across the country. These resources can help you get started.

Reports and Research

Since the early 2000s, the Student PIRGs have been researching the textbook marketplace and the role of students in that marketplace. Our research has been used by policymakers, student leaders, and campus administrators to create textbook affordability programs across the country.