The Open Education Initiative (OEI) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst provides faculty members with support and funding to encourage them to adopt open textbooks for their classes. The UMass Libraries recently surveyed students who were taking OEI courses to get their feedback.

Students overwhelmingly supported the use of open textbooks:

  • 88% of the students surveyed felt that the quality of the open materials in their OEI classes were as good or better than textbooks used in their other courses.
  • More than half of students felt that by using the open materials, they were more prepared, engaged, and achieved the learning outcomes of the class.
  • 78% of students said they would enroll in another course that used open materials.

Students also reported that they found many ways to avoid buying expensive assigned textbooks in their traditional courses:

  • 50% had downloaded an illegal copy online.
  • 66% had shared a textbook with classmates.
  • 44% used an earlier edition of a textbook, rather than the newer version that had been assigned.

Learn more about the UMass survey here.